Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need & Want To Know

We all have questions. If there's anything we haven't cleared up for you yet please contact us at: and will do our best to let you know what you need to know!

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, pets are welcomed as long as they are kept under control and cleaned up after. Dogs in the campground need to be preregistered.

What is your policy on weapons?

Swords and the like can be part of a costume. Be careful, be safe, and don't hurt anybody.

Yes, the site is handicapped accessible, nearly all flat with minor dips and rises. People in motorized carts have visited before and had no problems. That being said, there are areas that are challenging for even the most nimble... please exercise caution if you are not driving a cart.


There is a reserved parking area near the gate for handicap vehicles.

When is a certain band playing?

The performance schedule will be available through the Schedule/Directions page after the schedule is finalized (probably a couple of weeks before the festival).

How do I make payment for...?

You can pay by credit card through Paypal, or send a check/money order to NY Faerie Festival. Details are given at checkout.

How can I volunteer?

Volunteers are the backbone of our community. The New York FaerieFestival has a vibrant and robust volunteer community that you are welcome to apply for. Just follow the link below and you will be directed to an application page. This will not be ready until March 1 we will not except applications until that time! Thank you… We look forward to seeing you labor in the woods in forests of the New York Faerie Festival on behalf of the faeries!

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