Handmade American Artwork and Fine Crafts

This summer, 2024 come explore the artists who fill the enchanted forest of The New York Faerie Festival!

Step into a world of wonder where the impossible becomes reality and the magic of nature comes to life. Here, you'll find whimsical creatures lurking in every nook and cranny, ready to enchant and delight you!

We are excited to showcase a JURIED EXHIBITION AND SALE of handmade North American artwork and fine crafts. More than fifty exhibitors have been carefully selected for originality and craftsmanship in a balanced variety of media. We enthusiastically encourage you to support American artists and craftspeople.

So come join us this summer for a magical experience that you'll never forget. The New York Faerie Festival is the perfect event for friends, families, and anyone looking for a little bit of enchantment in their lives!

With over 50 Artists and Craftspeople for 2024!

Our new and returning artists include: 

A chainmaille artisan specializing in jewelry that is handcrafted one teeny tiny ring at time using traditional medieval armor making practices to create my dainty jewelry.

Amber Skye Chainmaille

Handmade, functional pottery inspired by nature and magic. Ally B Ceramics 

Yen Ospina is self-taught multi-talented Colombian-American artist who creates in multiple mediums and scales - from digital prints to community murals. Her work centers on themes of power, mysticism, and visibility.      


We be, potters three; hardworking ladies shaping clay for your enjoyment, emblazoned with flowers and fairies and fanciful creatures. From a far away fly-over forest, we bring magical vessels for munchies and brews.

Ash and Griffin Pottery

Organic, vegan soaps,chapsticks, essential oil rollerballs,  & cutting boards.  We strive to make something everyone can afford without sacrificing quality.  

Cutting Boards

We are a collective of highly skilled & experienced artists, who have many years of experience doing mehndi henna,face & body paint and glitter tattoos. Faeries, goblins, elves, anima, princess, warrior... Have us adorn you!  We will transform you!


Meet and greet a real unicorn! Lady Lara is a miniature unicorn who loves all the creatures of the fae world, but visits from human children are her favorite! Stop by a world of all things unicorn for an enchanted photo or treasured gift.

Brook Valley Farms

Fairy hair sparkle strands and other sparkly fun!

Changeling Jewelry blends the magic of nature with the nature of magic, offering unique jewelry pieces sculpted by hand and cast in bronze and silver.

Changeling Jewelry Co.

Paper ephemera, including cards, prints, journals, calendars, coasters, and sewn bags made from original paintings and illustrations with imagery rooted in natural history.   Christi Sobel

Human Powered Snow Cone Machine, powered by walking a giant wheel.    

Necklaces, chokers, bracelets, earrings, pendants and bangles and more made from chainmaille, scale and/or upcycled stainless steel cutlery.  Walking/hiking sticks and magic wands and more. Crimson Weaves

Wearable faery wings, troll tails, and other mythic faeryphernalia.

D.M. Anderson

Fantasy hats and headgear.

Design by Night

As Inanna, I draw from my Slavic roots, as well as a lifetime immersed in cross cultural symbols, folklore, mythology and archetypes offering a truly innovative and unique mixed media divination session. Divination with Inanna

Fine handcrafted pewter art and accessories. Articles of excellence for the distinguished adventurer.

Doctor Gus

Durable and delightful to use, Dodson Designs crafts handmade leather creations with an eye for artistic detail: hand-tooled designs and with bright colors in fantasy, fae, and steampunk themes.  Dodson Designs

 Imaginative and expressive handcrafted jewelry designed for fairies of all styles.

Elizabeth Lassing Jewelry

Renaissance style portraits of animals and mythical subject matter. Ellen Paquette Art

Fairy doors, houses, wreaths and more! Fairy Doors by Denise

This little lavender faerie creates wearable wonders out of blown glass. Each piece is completely unique be it a blown vessel or mushroom earrings and all are kiln, annealed for strength.

Farie Ring

Extraordinary feather wings and accessories.  Uber Kio

Original artwork, embroidered bags, pillows, pixie plush pets, soft embroidered wings, fantasy books. Felix Eddy The Clockwork Sphinx

Wings and accessories for fairies of all shapes and sizes. Foxglove Lane

Handcrafted leather accessories for magical pups and people! Frost&EmberCreations

Timeless creations in precious metals by Billy Bardo. Contact @ billybardo555@outlook.com

Gadgetometers presents handcrafted items. Whether you are a time traveler, vampire hunter, fairy friend or explorer these items will lend distinction to any persona. 


Hawk Studio brings a working leather shop as well as a shop full of one of a kind handmade work in leather and wood including belts, pouches, frogs, mug  straps etc, as well as some clothing, armor and archery equipment.

Hawk Studio

Hand blended artisan tea and tisane blends and tea accessories.

Herbal Turtle Teas

Imagicka! Your source for magickal items and ideas, and sponsors of the New York Faerie Festival since its inception.


Original artwork inspired by magic and myth! Jenny works in clay and gems, sculpting Ceramic tiles, jewelry, and mixed media pieces.

Jenny Davies Reazor

One of a kind crowns, hats, horns and head pieces. Morning Star Millinery

Hand-sculpted fantasy and nature inspired jewelry and sculptures. MothMagick

Mythically-inspired artwork and jewelry, Shauna Aura Knight's paintings, jewelry, and other creations evoke stories of heroes and magic, of fairytales and fantasy. With lush colors, metallic paint, lavish textures, shimmering jewels, and metal embellishments it is art fit for a Faerie court. Mythic Arts by Shauna Aura Knight

Hand sculpted and painted masks and accessories, Flying Rainbow bubble wands,  and mythical mandalas and signs.

Mythical Designs

Heirloom-Quality Ceramic Ocarinas by Ross Dubois and Ærica DiPonzio, ready for a nature walk or a concert hall.

Oberon Ocarinas

Original fantasy/Faerie art prints and comic book issues, stickers, focusing on queer characters and relationships, body positivity, personal sovereignty and the importance of interconnectedness - True Love, in all its forms, above all things.   Rachelillustrates

One of a kind wire wrapped jewelry featuring natural gemstones and semi precious metals such as sterling silver, copper and brass. Raw Earth Fabrications

Found at the Herbal Turtle Teas, Rev D.d.Tiffany Maria Butler, the Lady of Raven Hollow, with 25 years of  experience reading tarot offers intuitive, tarot and medium readings including Karmic Energy, Past Life, Power Animal, Animal Communication  and Couples readings.   Raven Hollow Way


Functional and decorative handblown glass.  Renegade Glass

Reyen Design Studio is two tenaciously creative people designing beautiful & unusual hand-made Fae garments in felted and hand dyed silks.

Reyen Designs

3D Fiber Art: tiny mushroom "baubles," whimsical and colorful jewelry, and enchanting apparel.  Rite of Raven

A whimsical collection of stained and fused glass ornaments, wind chimes, greeting cards, decorative bowls, boxes, gifts, and more. Second Chance Glass

A collection of enchanting macrame artistry for you and your home.

September's Child

Troll-made Hyper-adjustable riveted-seam leather clothing...with pockets!

Shop Troll

Sleeping Satyr provides handmade flower crowns, twisting horns, woodland brooches, and fairytale hair decorations to transform everyday life into a mythical adventure- and awaken the “sleeping satyr” in you!

Sleeping Saytr

As an instigator of fun & merriment, Soolah Hoops brings joy and a sense of play to the community through her love of sharing her hoops with everyone.  Stop by Soolah's Booth to check out her hand-crafted Hoops or just come and play with hoops!

Soolah Hoops

Soot Jewelry draws on gothic architectural tracery, ruins, and cemetery imagery to create unique pieces inspired by old worlds and strange places.  Soot Jewelry

Hand tied Appalachian style witches besom brooms, hand forged steel art, hand knapped stone athames & hand carved antler jewelry & sculptures. Stone Heart Forge

Original paintings, prints, stationery, jewelry, and adornments for the home inspired by wildlife, mythology, and symbolism designed to invoke a sense of peace, mystery, and solace. The Dreamwood

Needle felted woolen artwork & soutache bead embroidery jewelry/Fiber Art. The Lunar Sheep


Fantasy inspired mixed media artist. Fiber based art dolls, pocket sized felt dolls and miniature assemblages. Fantasy wizard supplies.  Hand dyed scarves, bags and hair ornaments.


Wire wrapped pendants, bracelets, earrings, trees, and fairy lanterns. Twystic Mystic

Masks, crowns, and other adornments, each individually forged from sheet metal by the artist. Each is one of a kind. These are comfortable, durable pieces, built to go with you on all your adventures.

Vagabond Metalworks

Fantastical Lux Leather Works from Mellie Z. Wayward Leather

Original work with bones, skulls, mounted insects and other ethically sourced oddities forged into terrariums, fairy gardens, jewlery, and art works.  Weird Horse Oddities

Hand crafted needlefelt pieces inspired by the forest and all who dwell within.  Wildwood Art Co.


Sara Zunda is a young fantasy illustrator who focuses on creating inclusive narratives featuring themes of folk lore, adventure, whimsy, and a touch of darkness.  Zunda Illustrations






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The New York Faerie Festival 

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