Production Participants

Who is a Production Participant? 

Production participants include Crew, Exhibiting Artists/Merchants, Performers, and Registered Volunteers offering more than 12 hours of time and effort and who have been approved by the NYFF Production Team. If you are unsure of this approval, check with your crew chief or contact us at before selecting any camping or entrance options. Children and helpers of Crew, Artisans and Performers also qualify for the production participants rates. 

Volunteers & Crew

If you have not already submitted a NYFF Volunteer/Crew Application page, you must do that to be considered as a crew member or a volunteer.  Please select that option at the bottom of this page first. In order for your camping request to be accepted, you must list the person by name who has accepted your service - a Production Team member or a Crew Leader. Volunteers (offering services of less than 12 hours total) should look for the Volunteer Page on this website. 

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The New York Faerie Festival 

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