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Camping on site at NY Faerie Festival offers a range of social benefits, especially appreciated by those who know the land and the personalities involved. 

For more information, see the Camping On Site and Camping Fees links below.


For those who prefer a more traditional campground experience or need RV hookups, there are several local alternatives.


  • Lakeside Campground (12 miles from site)
  • 336 Hargrave Rd, Windsor NY 13865 (888) 805-8488
  • Tent and RV sites with full hookups; cabin and trailer rentals.
  • Belden Hill Campground (7 miles from site)
  • 1843 State Rt 7, Harpursville NY 13787 (607) 693-1645
  • Tent and RV sites with full hookups.
  • Pine Crest Campground (10 miles from site)
  • 280 State Rt 79, Windsor NY 13865 (607) 655-1515
  • Tent and RV sites with full hookups; cabin and trailer rental.
  • Forest Lake Campground (10 miles from site)
  • 574 Ostrander Rd, Windsor NY 13865 (607) 655-1444
  • Tent and RV sites with full hookups; trailer rentals.


Camping On Site


Camping Registrations Are Closed.

What is a NYFF Camping Pass?

A NYFF Camping Pass is your ticket to the complete world of Fae. It is your 3+ day ticket to the Festival, but also with the opportunity to camp with fellow NYFF enthusiasts, performers, creators, crew and artisans. You will be a part of the community. It comes with 2 terrific community dinners: Friday and Saturday nights, and early access to the festival all 3 days - so you can be present at opening ceremonies, skipping the sometimes long lines at the gate. You can return to your camp whenever you like during the day to rest or regroup. 

A NYFF Camping Pass also is the only way to access to the Festival after the Festival:  it's rich night life with a welcoming Meet and Greet Thursday night, a Fire Circle bonfire dance and a co-creative Bardic Circle Friday night and our renowned Mid-Summer's Night Dream Masquerade Ball in the the Woods with amazing dance bands and a Sylvan Circus AND the chance to let your imagination loose in dress and disguise. You can even hang out Sunday night with staff and crew and exhaustedly share stories of the weekend's adventures if you have had quite enough yet.

Camping registrations are limited and often fill up. They are formally suspended 2 weeks before the show (June 13th). If space is still available, there will be a significant increase of fee to register after that date.  Don't miss your opportunity. 


Frequently Asked Questions You Might Have

There are 2 (3, 4...) of us in 1 tent. Do we each need a Camping Pass?

YES. Just as each person must buy a ticket to attend the Festival,  EACH PERSON camping and accessing all that is offered must have their own camping pass. You are not paying for a plot of land on which you can pitch a tent, but for access to a community and a set of experiences rare in this world. Read the details listed above. 

Do I have to camp in order to be a part of the Festival after the Festival? 

NO!  Buy a camping pass, fill out the registration and join us - but don't bring a tent. In the registration, under Zone, set it to the  Not Camping On Site choice and then stay for as much of the nighttime revelry as you wish. Marking the Not Camping on Site option will impact where you are able to park your car so that you can easily leave when you are ready. 

Can I buy multiple passes for our whole family or group of friends? 

YES! Just make sure that you fill out a registration form for each person. You can get additional forms by clicking the gray button at the bottom of each registration. 

What happens if it rains (or is really, really hot)? 

 The NY Faerie Festival happens no matter what the weather. Magic and fun is to be had every day and tough weather may alter that fun - but can also enhance your experience -  especially if you have planned your stay with the forecast in mind. 

What if I don't get the "meal plan"? 

There is no meal plan. There are 2 Hospitality Dinners Friday and Saturday night which strive to accomdate differing needs and preferences. Everyone staying on site is invited to partake, but noone is required to eat the food provided. Breakfast is made available in the mornings for a reasonable fee. You are welcome to bring in your own food although cookstoves or fire pits will need to be approved by Campground Assistants. 

Can I bring our camper or RV? 

Yes, there is a small extra fee for RVs, campers or trailers. There are no hookups available. Make sure you fill out all the information in your registration about your camper. 

Can I bring a generator? 

In the past, we have not allowed generators. They tend to be noisy, smelly and very annoying to those nearby. However, we have come to recognize that some people need generators for very important, rather than mere convenience reasons. This year we are allowing them in a limited way. First, you must be in a camper or RV. Those sites are somewhat removed from thin walled tents. We prefer you use a "very quiet" machine -  solar or battery power generator are best. In the registration, please tell us about your need for power and when you are likely to run your machine.


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